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Extra offer


We are serving all kinds of breakfast at your request.
We want you to strat your day healthy and cheerfully with a rich choice from our buffet.


We are happy to serve different ordeurs in the evenings
as well as freshly made dalmatian specialities:
fish, shrimps or scampi, seashells, different kinds of meat specialities, various kinds of spaghetti, with vegetables side dishes from our own garden, and homemade white wine. Alongside tradicional deserts (pancakes, rožada paprenjaci, strudels…) we shall serve homemade prosecco or schnapps.

If previousely arranged:

we shall also accommodate your pets, ensure you have a harbour dock for your boat or speedboat, allow smoking in your room or apartment, ensure washing and ironing of your laundry.

All guests are entitled to:

a parking place in the frontyard, and Internet connections.

September and october possibilities:

boatrides for viewing the beauties of our hidden bays visitations: of our vineyards or olive orcharies where you can feel the soul of an island peasant, grapes harvest "jematva" at the end of september, and the begining of october, olive harvesting in november and december.

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